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Excursions à Rodrigues

Trou D`argent 

Trou D’Argent is a reputed beach found in the eastern part of Rodrigues. It is accessible only by foot and ideally visiting it forms part of a trekking excursion. We will arrange for dropping and picking you up should you wish to go for Trou D’Argent – where a legend states that there is a hidden treasure…

Plan a whole day.


Cavernes Patates

Cavernes Patates is a cave that winds its way for 600m underground. The western part of Rodrigues seems to be of coralian formation.

The cave is nice to visit, there are many stalagtites hanging from the ceiling and stalagmites that form intricate shapes which are create interesting shapes when a light beam is shone on them in the right direction. Our guide was very eager to tell us about the different shapes (cat, map of Rodrigues, virgin mary…) that reside in the cave … but that’s it!!! No information whatsoever about how the cave was formed, what type of rocks and/or minerals are in the cave,…

Basically I came out from a nice underground walk not knowing anything about the formation of the cave which is very sad.

Moreover the guide was speaking only Creole and some tourists were totally clueless about what was happening! It could have been such a better experience had the guide been given some training and it would be the de facto second most interesting experience after Ile Cocos.


Tyrolienne Adventure - Rodrigues Island

Zip lines excursion at the south coast of Rodrigues Island at Montagne Malgache.

Come and enjoy a unique and exhilarating zip lines (Tyroliennes) excursion at the very south of Rodrigues.

This is the ideal activity for adventure and nature lovers and for those who have wished to experience flying like a bird along the mountain.

You will get to discover the breathtaking views to the lagoon of the South Coast of the Rodrigues Island, the waterfalls, the lush green valleys and discover of beauty of the Rodrigues Island.

The zip line adventure namely knows ‘Tyrodrig’ takes you across 3 lush green valleys amidst the flying ‘paille en queues’ and golden bats.

Connected to zip lines you will fly over the Montagne Malgache with a view of the Rodrigues lagoon sliding across the valley from cliff to cliff.

You will discover the beauty of the island suspended at a thrilling height of more than 100 meters above the dense vegetation with the longest zip line spanning over 400 meters. You would not want to miss it !!!


Walk with Giant Tortoises!

Welcome to our reserve, where you can have the unique experience of discovering what Rodrigues was like 300 years ago, before the island was colonised. Since then, all of the native forest of Rodrigues has disappeared and many species of plants and animals have become extinct while many others are still threatened, making Rodrigues one most environmentally devastated ecosystems in the world. This 20-hectare nature reserve, which until recently was almost entirely over-run with introduced plants, is an ongoing conservation project, working on re-wilding the lowland savanah of this area; planting shrubs and trees that once grew here and reintroducing key animal species to recreate the lost links between flora and fauna that make up this unique ecosystem.

As you follow the 2km-long through the reserve, surrounded by the emerging forest and some very rare plants, you will be able to imagine yourself back in time, with the luxuriant greenery a stark contrast to the rest of the island, a reminder of man's destructive impact on his environment. you can stroll amongst giant tortoises, which were once present in large numbers, see the rare Rodrigues fruit bat and take a guided tour of the magnificent caves, unique to this area of the island.


Ile aux Cocos

Ile aux Cocos, Located at 4 km to the west of Rodrigues.

This small island, emerging from the lagoon is a beautiful nature reserve and has become one of the main tourist attractions of Rodrigues. The island is covered with coconut trees, casuarina trees and has a long fine sandy beach.

The lagoon around the Cocos Island is of shallow water and at some places it is possible to see the corals and rocks above the water surface. This is why the boat trip to Cocos island becomes often an adventure for itself, and in addition to the fun boat ride you get a clear view of the lagoon and of the marine life from the boat.

On Cocos Island it is possible to see thousands of birds and sea birds.

A small path that travels through the center of the island allows us to discover the different species of birds. The best time to see most of the birds is during the summer period. At this period, up to 5000 birds can be seen on the island.

In order to visit Cocos Island it is required to get a proper authorization. This authorization is usually obtained by tour operators only as part of organized tours. Also, part of Cocos Island cannot be visited and is closed for the public.


Diving in Rodrigues

Rodrigues is home to some of the world's most breathtaking coral

reefs and marine life ever to be seen. Full with bright-colored fish, the underwater world of Rodrigues is a natural wonder.

When diving in Rodrigues you will see many types of corals, the local unique fauna of the Indian Ocean and selection of endemic species. The marine is rich with numerous caves, canyons and tunnels. It is possible to see variety of big fishes such as: tunas, sharks, kingfishes, jackfishes and barracudas.

Best period for diving

The best period for diving is during the summer period, from October to April. During this period the visibility is very good, and it is possible to go diving both inside and outside the lagoon. During the winter months, from June to September, the winds prevent from going on diving trips beyond the coral reef, and then, diving is possible within the perimeter of the lagoon and accordingly the selection of dive sites is limited.



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