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Cruises that you will never forget

2014.04.24 15:26

Mauritius is full of surprises. A piece of land surrounded by the Ocean is capable of offering a million excursions and attractions. One of the most exciting and relaxing one is a cruise. There are plenty of them, choose your favorite: long, short, with scuba diving, deep sea fishing, snorkeling;...

Be on top of the world in Mauritius

2014.04.24 15:13

Mauritius is a place where nothing is impossible. For example, here you can experience the famous skydive jump. It is a free falling and then gliding on a parachute with a professional instructor. 100% safety, 100% joy! Skydiving in Mauritius is a breathtaking adventure and a great possibility to...

Mauritian hotels cut down prices

2014.04.17 17:00

On the threshold of the new tourist season, Mauritian hotel owners cut down prices to stimulate the growth of the tourist arrivals. Sometimes competing hotels offer rooms for half price! It brings even more benefits when you book a tour package to Mauritius.

Mauritius expects 1 million tourists this year

2014.04.17 16:29

Mauritius, a small island populated with only 1.2 million people, received almost 1 million visitors last year. In 2014, the government expects more tourists: it forecasts this amount to grow up to 1 million or more. Most of visitors come from China stimulating 100% increase despite the economic...

Choose you way to travel in Mauritius

2014.04.10 15:04

Mauritius in an island where you can get anything that you want. If you prefer exploring Mauritius independently you can rent a car, a motorcycle, hire a chauffeur or travel by bus. It depends on your driving skills and budget. Do you remember that Mauritians drive on the left side of the road? If...

Mauritius is one of the favorite wedding destinations for Chinese people

2014.04.10 14:51

Mauritius tourism authority told that this year a hundred Chinese couples are coming to Mauritius to register their marriage. Chinese delegation has come to the country for an official visit within the limits of tourist campaign.On the island newlyweds can find anything for the ceremony and...

Exotic wedding on the island

2014.04.03 15:54

Along with traditional wedding ceremonies an Indian one can be organized on Mauritius. All the guests will be wearing traditional Indian clothes. The bride will be dressed in a beautiful and elegant sari and the broom will look like a maharajah. That is very original and funny way to arrange a...

Rock climbing for true adventurers

2014.04.03 15:34

It might sound strange, but not all the tourist come to Mauritius for the beautiful beaches and clear blue water. Some of them need adrenalin in their blood and the island is the right place to experience all the extreme activity you can imagine. On the South West coast, you can climb the cliffs and...

Live and study on Mauritius

2014.03.27 15:29

The island of Mauritius welcomes students from all over the world. Such universities as Aberystwyth University, University of Wolverhampton, and Middlesex University have already set up campuses on Mauritius. About 3, 000 students come here to study and to spend memorable time on one of the best...

Luxury diving adventure

2014.03.27 15:14

On Mauritius, you can spend a nice decent holiday with no excess and unnecessary expenses or... take an adventure to the max! One of the most luxury offers on the island is a 10-days catamaran diving cruise. It will take you to amazing coral reefs with colorful fish or turtle nesting. Discover the...

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